Anime name Karasu
Manga name Karasu
Alternate names Red Fury

Red Mask

Race Unknown/Alien
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Alive
Height 175cm
Weight Unknown
Address Universe's Core
Occupation Guardian of the secret order
Allegiance Universe's Core
Family Ihsaka - Brother

Karasu, more famous as Red Fury is a member of Unknown race of strong, smart people. His Unknown race is known to be peaceful. Red Fury made exception, by killing people of other races and his race banished him from his galaxy, since they lived around it's borders. 


145px-Picture 134

Red Fury's appearance; note his different mask.

His race is naked most of the time (except when battle), while Red Fury is fully covered. He wears long, black coat, pants and torso. His masks are interesting part of his appearance. Mostly they have one hole, for only his right eye. In the first episode his mask had some sort of vortex or tornado appearance, also with one hole on right eye. It is interesting that his nickname was not given to him only because of his red mask and speed, but the shape it reminds of. There are also masks shown in his concepts with different patterns, some being random and some having purpose.

Red Fury's face is not seen due to his masks that covers it, but it's seen he has black, spiky hair. Trough the hole on the right side of his mask is seen one eye and it is unknown if he has more eyes. That eye changes it's color by time it's needed, and such moments are in battle. It is possible this is a dojutsu (eye technique). For example, when he wants to gain magnetic powers, his eye blinks and becomes white.

His clothes are made of intelligent fabric, a material made by scientists of his race. It can change color, size, shape and similar. It also can change some energy sources, and make it glow, for example.


Red Fury is described as cocky, self confident person. He likes to express it to his enemies and boasts with it even with his friends. Red Fury can be good sometimes and tell something nice to his enemies, and sometimes he doesn't say a word about anything.

The special ability to imitate gave him possibility to lie very good. He imitates all animals he knows for to make opponents pay attention to the sound and traps/kills them.




Eye Energy ConnectionsEdit

His eye is connected to his whole body probably by heritage of his family, as mentioned by leader of cape soldiers, which stolen his father's right eye. They are used as some sort of "casters" of his techniques and there are known to be 2 of them: his right eye and possibly left one.

Orange Right Eye

The orange eye is very specific because it is mix of dimension traveling and genjutsu (illusion technique) at some point. User's body presence is transfered in other dimension, which explains Red Fury's disapearances. Also, Red Fury may be seen in this dimension, but it is a part of genjutsu. Energy and spirit of Red Fury are the only ones that stay in this dimension. After they stay, they go into body of enemy's and soul controls where energy goes. It cannot be absorbed, due to something is already using it. However, it can be ejected by enemies' strong will or incredible endurance, mental or physical. After Red Fury enters in body he can control it, unless there is something that ejects Red Fury's spirit.

It was used several times by Red Fury, first being in fight with Broly, in which he easily beats him and takes energy away. It was not much problem due to Broly having weak mind abilities. Second time he uses it against cape soldiers of the "dark ones", in which clones used this ability succesfully. Third time was in special battle of Bisani Toribra in which Bisani gets out of this genjutsu thanks to his incredible physical capabilities and special technique.

White Right Eye


This is how his white eye looks alike.

It is shown he changed his eye for the first time in the series when battling Ihsaka's army. It is not much known about it, but it is possible that it has magnetic abilities, since he used Shūkai no Kyū (meaning "Sphere of Gathering"), a technique that has attracting force of a great distances. Yet, it is possible he's reflecting incoming attacks using repulsive force. Also, it has ability of absorbing energy, due to it's attractive force.

Red Right Eye

His red eye, third used in the series is also used in battle against Ihsaka's army. It is used to absorb bodies and distributes them in his muscles and rest of the body to increase strength, purify or heal himself. It resembles to Kakashi Hatake's and Obito Uchiha's Mangekyo Sharingan, which is actuall concept of Red Fury's eye.

Second Eye (Probably left)

Red Fury's second eye, probably left, has to be unlocked instead of being born with it. It is achieved by extreme pain and hard situation in which Red Fury was, when he was frozen due to some technique similar to Tsukuyomi, where leader of the cape soldiers was stabbing with his clones Red Fury. When he activated this eye he gained immense strength and energy, managing to get leader of the cape soldiers and kill him. It has enough strength to just reflect effects of genjutsu and feel like almost nothing happened.

Ki TechniquesEdit

Red Fury has advanced control over Ki, being capable of using summoning techniques and various attacks. Due to having advanced visual prowess he can copy every technique and, perhaps, develop it to higher level.

Kage Bushin

Red Fury's Kage Bushin version is a much stronger adaptation of the same named chakra using technique. This Kage Bushins can be summoned while Red Fury is using green eye, his battle eye. Unlike chakra version, these are shown to be extremely durable and strong, much more than their chakra version. They can use every technique that Red Fury already knows and they are capable of learning. Also, they can use all Red Fury's eyes and adapt to the environment they are in.

Red Fury can make googolplexes of these Kage Bushins and even not get tired of it's energy consuming. There are two versions, version one, in which those clones are real and second, in which they are more genjutsu than actual clones, but they can deal damage.

Six-Layered Kamehameha

Note: not stolen from Geti's technique called "6-Layered Comet Blast"


What this Kamehameha looks alike when fired

This Kamehameha has six layers, each representing Red Fury's right eye colors: (from bottom to top) orange, white, red, green, blue and black. It is a massive Kamehameha, being capable of destroying anything in it's path. It possesses all of Red Fury's right eye's abilities, making it extremely dangerous.

The first layer (from bottom) is the weakest by damage dealing, but yet grants to whole Kamehameha ability to merge with environment, gather energy around it and move almost freely. Second layer is white layer, that can defy almost every physical force around it. It gives to the whole Kamehameha speed and damage rate is increased by 30% of whole damage rate of Kamehameha without it. The third layer is red one, the "mass" and "skeleton" of the Kamehameha. It has ability of mass absorption, which deals extra damage to opponent and gives it solidness. The fourth one, green, is having all of the traits that previous layers possess, but in less amount. Blue one, which is less visible, but can be seen by sharp eye, is the "All-Seeing" Kamehameha's layer, that can actually look fully 360 degrees and help to movement. The last one, black, has no known abilities, but dealing extreme damage to opponent.

There are two "variations". The first one is just being normally fired, as every Kamehameha, but the other one is Kage Bushin Six-Layered Kamehameha. It is fired by clones of Red Fury that make a "ball" around opponent and fire it.

Super-Mega-Giga-Extra-Supreme-Ultra-Secret Technique: Ping Blaaast!

Although it has derpy name, it is not a technique to be joked with. It is made to distract attention of opponent by producing "ping" sounds. At the place it "pinged" appears a yellow dot that keeps moving, including the sound. Both sound and dot are moving for themselves. It can be very dangerous due to confusion it produces by moving and it moves 50.000 gigameters per moment time (the smallest time unit possible).

Body abilities Edit

Atomic Subatom Whygreen

This ability allows Red Fury to gain energy almost at will. When atoms of some body with incredible speed collide with Red Fury's body, Red's body makes antimatter particle - one per atom to counter those atoms and collide with them, creating energy zillion times his own.

This seems like useful in most opportunities, but it has a drawback. When used, Dark Fury gets energy, too, so Red could never get to Dark's level of energy.


Supreme Reaper formEdit

Although he never uses it, it is in his own hands, the power of Death Reaper. It grants him ability of Death Touch, simple ability that allows him to kill something, no matter of what it's made, or in what shape it is by single touch. It is so powerful it takes too much of energy, but it's effective. Only few persons cannot be defeated by this form, these are mostly omnipotent. An example may be Dark Fury, who's Supreme Reaper is much more effective.


Right Eye Stages